Lets go for a ride!

We worked with Wiegand Sports to showcase their incredible ride at the top of Snowmass Mountain in Colorado. Using aerial photography, specialized gimbals, and good old fashioned camera work, we can take you there.


In addition to our video work, Wiegand hired us to
produce some advertising photography as well.
This ad was featured in industry magazines.
Other work includes still photography
used in their tradeshow displays.


[Commercial Photography] SEATTLE'S
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One Detail[Photography] THE
HNTB Corporation is the world's leading transportation firm. They are present in every type of transportation market—transit, aviation, heavy rail, highways. Their transit client base is nationwide and includes:

• Sound Transit (Seattle)
• DART (Dallas)
• CTA (Chicago)
• Met Council (Minneapolis)
• NY MTA (New York)
• SEPTA (Philadelphia)
• MBTA (Boston)
• Metro (Los Angeles)
• MARTA (Atlanta)
• VTA (Santa Clara, CA)
• CAHSR Authority (CA)
• BART (San Francisco)
It was in Seattle that HNTB hired us to document a new Sound Transit corridor for a massive transformational public transit project for the city and outlying areas. They used our photographic skills and the power of Black and White photography to create a proposal which won the contract for the project. Visit HNTB
Images showing current and proposed area's for the project. Relaxed, real, and genuine portraits.
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Black and White

Starrett Artists was commissioned to produce a wide variety of black and white photography for HNTB’s proposal to Sound Transit. The scope of our work included portraits, editorial, and marquee images.

Using a consistent lighting theme we started with portrait work providing specific cropping and framing so that HNTB’s graphic team had the exact type of images they needed for laying out their extensive proposal.

Working closely with HNTB’s Lisa Harrison, was a fun and creative experience. Having some roots in the Seattle added to the excitement as we documented potential routes and stops for this massive extension to Seattle’s growing infrastructure.

The wild and challenging landscape of the area, the density of city, the waterways all make a project like this a multidimensional puzzle that requires immense planning and engineering expertise. To work for a few days among these professionals was a humbling and eye opening experience. We were very happy when they landed the contract.



HNTB made sure to keep it’s promise to help educate young aspiring engineer’s with it’s education outreach programs. Another reason why they were a perfect fit for this project.

Mission Bistro


ission Bistro comissioned Starrett Artists to create a series of photographs of the cusine for both print and web use. Crafted with professional lighting in their restaurant and on location. Starrett Artists also designed a brochure for their new catering business and a 5×7 card for their pastry chef.


Stephanie Hindman

Stefanie came to us with lots of great ideas and a passion for her new business plan that she was trying to create. She’s a Lifestyle coach and full time mother that needed help in showcasing all that she does. Stefanie had an old blog that just wasn’t working for her, so she needed a whole new look. A website that was flexible and able to communicate her dynamic life. She wanted a logo that reflected her personality and photography that was a look into her life. We worked with Stefanie to take visions and create something that would work now and into the future. Her new site with logo, photography, and design was launched in the fall of 2017.


Lisa Archer Silks


ashion designer Georgine Lisa Archer commissioned us to create new key art images for her website and promotional material. To capture the beauty of her exquisite hand designed silk scarves and other fashion items we embraced the elements and created stunning images in the snow.

We have been contracted to help produce social media content and print advertising in order to create a consistent look and feel. This is slowly being rolled out to improve a uniform brand identity. 




ilmed entirely in Montana’s Scapegoat and Bob Marshall Wilderness areas, Untrammeled features Hell Gate, Sentinel, Salish and Kootanai high school students on two pack trips as well as UM college students on an 12 day 85 mile backpacking trip. It follows their adventure into the Wilderness, the challenges they face and their candid reflections. This film was produced for the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act and it will be featured at celebrations occurring throughout the nation this year, as well as many film festivals.

The documentary was filmed and edited entirely by Starrett Artists.  It was produced in partnership with the Northern Region U.S. Forest Service.

Click here to see the full length film

Blacksmith Brewing Company


ince the summer of 2015, we have been managing and producing the marketing engine for The Blacksmith Brewing Company. One of the most recognized retailer business in Stevensville, Montana. They have seen growth durning this time and continue to be asset to the community. We have partnered with the Blacksmith to provide them with fresh ad content for both print and social media. Communicating the value of there product and service has been the corner stone of our marketing campaign, highlighting the lifestyle of community and family friend environment. This has proven to be very successful tactic. We have seen increase in sales both for the beer and the merchandise as well has an increase in new customers.


Creating original photography for print and online advertising.


In studio product photography with professional lighting for anything from reflective metal, glass, or liquid your product is made beautiful.


We provide a monthly service of creating material for all your marketing needs. Our job includes website development and updates, facebook posts, twitter and other social networking updates as well as print material for advertising.


new facebook followers


Created a new website that is responsive for mobile, tablet, and desktop environments. We populated the site with original content and manage any future updates.


Capture the attention and respect of your audience with clean, simple, and elegant graphic design. Here is a new menu, with photography, that we designed for the taproom

Sculpture in the Wild

Sculpture in the Wild


lackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild International Sculpture Park celebrates the rich environmental, industrial and cultural heritage of the Blackfoot Valley. Sculptors have been invited to create significant site-specific works of art using the materials – natural and industrial – that are associated with the community’s economic and cultural traditions.

Since its creation we have continually documented and produced sign materials for Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild, in Lincoln Montana.  It is a International Sculpture park with world renown artists and a educational art program for the greater community. We have created several commissioned film pieces, original photography, and graphic designed promotional signs for the park.

Photography & Graphic Design for Signage

Red Bird Yoga

Martha Piersma

We were commissioned by Martha Piersma to do a portrait photography session for her. She had recently closed her studio location and was changing her business model to focus more on workshops and traveling master classes. Armed with new images for promotion she started thinking about creating a new website and came to us for help. Together we worked to create a responsive website that would fit her needs.

Responsive Website

Wilderness Society SWCrown


e worked with the Wilderness Society to produce images of a region in Montana in which they have many focused projects. We were sent to the field with a mandate to capture images of the landscape in which they were focused. From these assessments the project evolved to also include video shorts. The video’s highlighted the collaboration of several organizations working to protect wild places.