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HNTB Corporation is the world's leading transportation firm. They are present in every type of transportation market—transit, aviation, heavy rail, highways. Their transit client base is nationwide and includes:

• Sound Transit (Seattle)
• DART (Dallas)
• CTA (Chicago)
• Met Council (Minneapolis)
• NY MTA (New York)
• SEPTA (Philadelphia)
• MBTA (Boston)
• Metro (Los Angeles)
• MARTA (Atlanta)
• VTA (Santa Clara, CA)
• CAHSR Authority (CA)
• BART (San Francisco)
It was in Seattle that HNTB hired us to document a new Sound Transit corridor for a massive transformational public transit project for the city and outlying areas. They used our photographic skills and the power of Black and White photography to create a proposal which won the contract for the project. Visit HNTB
Images showing current and proposed area's for the project. Relaxed, real, and genuine portraits.
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Black and White

Starrett Artists was commissioned to produce a wide variety of black and white photography for HNTB’s proposal to Sound Transit. The scope of our work included portraits, editorial, and marquee images.

Using a consistent lighting theme we started with portrait work providing specific cropping and framing so that HNTB’s graphic team had the exact type of images they needed for laying out their extensive proposal.

Working closely with HNTB’s Lisa Harrison, was a fun and creative experience. Having some roots in the Seattle added to the excitement as we documented potential routes and stops for this massive extension to Seattle’s growing infrastructure.

The wild and challenging landscape of the area, the density of city, the waterways all make a project like this a multidimensional puzzle that requires immense planning and engineering expertise. To work for a few days among these professionals was a humbling and eye opening experience. We were very happy when they landed the contract.



HNTB made sure to keep it’s promise to help educate young aspiring engineer’s with it’s education outreach programs. Another reason why they were a perfect fit for this project.